Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Quik Hits

Some lazy linkage and updates:

:: The next installment of Unidentified Earth will appear on Friday this week, as opposed to its normal Thursday appearance tomorrow. We're going to the Fair.

:: I've been remiss in noting that Lynn has a new look and a new title. Adjust blogrolls as necessary. (Memo to self: revise the blogroll soon. I've got a lot of additions that I haven't got to yet.)

:: I am now on the blogroll at By Neddie Jingo!, which I consider to be a high honor. Thanks to him. Linkage makes me all tingly inside. (So does rum, but that's another thing.)

:: Reasons not to like workplace pizza parties. I never much liked them either when I was in my "office" job, because, well, fat chance getting toppings other than pepperoni or plain cheese. If you, like me, occasionally have a hankering for Italian sausage and mushrooms, well, you're screwed at office pizza party time.

:: I'm rarely one to complain about Buffalo's weather, but man, this heat-and-humidity is Godawful. I hate it. Of course, it's not just a Buffalo thing; most of the country is unpleasant right now. But I still detest this steaminess.

:: I just checked out of the library three books by Anais Nin. When did I become interested in her? Seriously, I have no idea -- but it may have something to do with the fact that there's a quote by her on a bookmark that my dearest friend gave me last year. Anyway, I'll report after I read some of it.


Neddie said...

Rum is Good. Vodka's better. (I can attest...)

TV is destroying the minds of our children -- not to mention our own.

Branch out! Branch out!

Amaze me!

Roger Owen Green said...

You just had lousy office pizza parties.