Thursday, August 02, 2007

Good thing the Devil didn't go to Carnegie Hall....

For some reason, the local country station -- which I hear occasionally at work -- plays "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" daily, which drives me nuts because I consider it to be one of the worst songs in the history of musical expression. And not just human musical expression. Human song, whale song, Vulcan song, Gungan song..."Devil Went Down to Georgia" is worse than all of it.

First of all, the whole idea's just goofy; second, there's the sad fact that the fiddle playing in that song is, well, crap. I always break out laughing when I hear what's supposed to be this astonishing playing by the Devil, which turns out to be this scratchy shit that would get jeered off the stage at just about any place where anyone knows anything about good fiddling or violin playing. Seriously, the Devil is so bad that it's no surprise that "Johnny" beats him; frankly, the Devil couldn't even rosin the bow of a Natalie MacMaster or an Alison Krauss or an Eileen Ivers, and Itzhak Perlman could blow the Devil right off the stage just by playing a C-major scale.

Anyway. "Devil Went Down to Georgia" is the worst song ever.


Anonymous said...

Another Very Important Question is: if "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" was a poem, how would it compare to that of the Vogons?

Aaron said...

Jefe, I think that joke may be lost on Jaq.