Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

My friend and former college room-mate Chris e-mailed me a tip about a minor league baseball manager who had himself a tantrum for the ages. Sure enough, he did. I don't know what the best part of this is -- the part where the Mississippi Braves manager very carefully and with keen attention to detail buries home plate in the dirt, or when he drops to all fours and stalks up behind the pitchers' mound, or when the home plate umpire nonchalantly pops another stick of gum into his mouth while watching, or when the opposing team's second baseman is briefly shown grinning ear-to-ear at how surreal the whole thing is. All I know is, this was the greatest baseball manager tantrum I've ever seen. It's even better than George Brett's pine-tar incident.


Call me Paul said...

You know, nobody likes a hot dog.

Roger Owen Green said...

Au contraire, I love hot dogs! Bought some for the holidays.

Oh, THAT kind of hot dog. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

He showed Lloyd McClendon how it should have been done.

George Brett's big-league tantrum was over a major-league HR, but this guy wins a few points for originality (and loses a couple for pointlessness). It will be interesting to see if throwing this tantrum will get his name out there and lead to a big-league job or underline his name on the unhirable list.