Thursday, June 28, 2007

A few notes from Hiatus-land

I had originally figured on returning to regular blogging today, but I've decided that I don't much feel like it yet, so I'm not. However, I want to note a couple of things:

:: Last week's Unidentified Earth was guessed correctly as Southfork Ranch, near Dallas, Texas. I'm not putting up an installment this week, but they'll start again when I start again.

:: For Better or For Worse has completely lost it. Seriously, it's just a joke now, between Michael moving into the family home with his former grade school sweetheart (now his wife), and Lizzie clearly gearing up to get back together with her grade school sweetheart, and April providing the local special needs kid with her Dead Poets Society moment, complete with standing on the desk. This strip is now officially embarrassing.

:: When the hell is the Season Three set of Once and Again going to come out?!

:: Earlier today this blog reached 300,000 hits, according to SiteMeter. Thanks to that small number of regular readers of mine, and thanks also to the much larger number of people who come here by searching for photos of beautiful women. (Not so much the people who come here looking for "overalls porn", "overalls spanking", or any of the other such search terms that show up in the referrals. I sympathize and all, but this ain't the place for that.)

That's it. Back when I feel like it.


Beth said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who was doing the huh? moment with For Better or Worse this week.

I'm just waiting for them them to resolve the adoption storyline with Funky Winkerbean. Hopefully it will be sooner vs. after Lisa dies. (and for a comic named for a main character, he hasn't been seen in it in ages...)

Anonymous said...

Hey - you won Best Blog from Buffalo Spree - congratulations!

Tosy And Cosh said...

If they don't finish off the Once and Again set . . . there will be consequences.

Bill said...

Let me join Alan-- nice to see you getting some props. Congratulations on the honor.