Sunday, June 24, 2007

He must have forgotten to have his readers Google it for him.

Matthew Yglesias has yet another in a long series of utterances by Jonah Goldberg that fail to live up to facts about the world. I know, it's not a news flash when Goldberg turns out to have his head squarely planted right around the location of his own colon, but sometimes it's downright amusing.

Oh heck, while I'm at it, Kevin Drum's got Glenn Reynolds being a damn moron too. Not a news flash either, since Reynolds is also a complete idiot. "If things go badly in Iraq"? By what possible intellectual gymnastics can people like Reynolds continue to convince themselves that things are going well in Iraq?

UPDATE: Well, let's make it a Trifecta, shall we? Sadly, No has a nice quote from one of the indistinguishable idiots of Powerline:

E.J. Dionne argues that the “center” in American politics is moving towards the left. I think he’s correct, though we may be one major terrorist attack and/or recession on a Democratic president’s watch away from having to revisit that view.

Hmmmm. Sounds to me like the Right actually wants the US to get attacked, as long as a Democrat is in office when it happens! Isn't that what that means? If what Glenn Reynolds says in his quote is fair game, why isn't this a fair reading of Powerline?

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