Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fixing the Interpipes

For a while now I've had problems with the blog loading; none of my readers have complained of same, but I can only assume they've had a problem as well, at least in part. Anyway, I finally got off my arse and tried hunting down the problem. Turns out that the site is not working, and that the Blogwise widget I had in my sidebar (a hotlinked image of one of those button-things that links back to them) was therefore unavailable, and thus gumming up my Interpipes. So I ditched the widget. No great loss, really; to my knowledge, nobody ever arrived here via Blogwise.

The Blogarama widget was still working, but I figured since nobody's ever come here from there either, might as well dump it as well. I don't even recall when I signed on for those services, but generally speaking, sites of the "Join our directory and see your traffic grow!" sort tend to be totally useless as drivers of traffic.

(If you want to see traffic growth, just post photos of beautiful women and wait for Google's image search to index them and move a few of them to the front of their search results for those particular names. That's where just about all of my traffic comes from these days: I'm up to over 600 hits a day, but I'd say that at least 475 of those daily hits are image searches for various ROWR! designates.)

Anyway, if anyone's been experiencing trouble loading this blog, I hope I've just solved the problem.

1 comment:

JVK said...

Blogwise still isn't working! Since you are about the only one to comment on it, I reckon no-one else used it either.