Thursday, June 21, 2007

The shoulder straps dig in a bit when I shrug nonchalantly....

Mrs. M-Mv links some guy who apparently hates overalls.

Fine by me. I don't dress to impress that guy, anyway. Who gives a shit? Moving on.

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Mental multivitamin said...

Although the video just cracked me up, I have to admit that I just don't get some folks' aversion to overalls.

And Crocs or Croc-ripoffs.

Frankly, overalls are easy.


And I know everyone says, "But they're not a flattering garment!"

Flattering on whom? They look fine on me -- hide a multitude of "flaws." Flattering to whom? My husband likes me in them.

So some fashionista thinks I look bad.

Oh, well.

And yet... that Shedd boy is funny.

Best regards.