Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sentential Links #102

In a change of pace, I'm gathering links from blogs on SamuraiFrog's blogroll. These are blogs I have never seen before.

:: Attention, people of Earth! You will give us tribute, or we will release powerful weapons!

:: At 76 years old we can only wonder what lies in store for Bill in '08.

:: I'm convinced that what this country needs is another sociological goosing like we got from the musical "Hair" back in the sixties.

:: Do you think Zoe will laugh at this picture when she is older or be embarrassed long after I am gone?

:: Anyway, the one thing I love about both versions is the intelligent, rebellious, and unmotivated character that terrorizes one of his coworkers and fantasizes about the receptionist. Yep, I’m talking about Jim Halpert and Tim Canterbury.

:: I’ve never in my life seen these machines so used. They should put fruit in them so people would get some vitamins and minerals occasionally.

:: It's not too much of an exaggeration to say that "Night and Day" represents the centerpiece of both Astaire's and Porter's movie careers.

:: For The Action Heroine Blog-A-Thon, I ask this question. Does a woman need to be in an action movie to be a heroine?

:: How many technological advances have happened since the last brood of cicadas emerged seventeen years ago?

:: Going by the Diplomat, though, in it's seedy incarnation, was like running into an old buddy from your club days, and you're both middle-aged, but you've got your wife and kids with you on the way to miniature golfing or to the zoo, and he's with some woman 15 years younger than he is and still dressing funny and hanging out in the clubs. It's nice to see him, but a little awkward-- it doesn't suit him anymore. It makes him look even older than you.

:: I don’t think that we’re going to see another big pirate movie in the theaters for a long time, so my recommendation would be to get out there and see this one in the theaters while you can and enjoy it for what it is: a pretty damn good pirate movie.

:: Judd Apatow is quickly becoming the master of making raunchy comedies that actually enforce personal responsibility and eschew the typical frat mentality that idolizes sloth in favor of a straight-laced, mature, and even moralistic lifestyle.

All for this week. Great stuff out there, as always.

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SamuraiFrog said...

Alright! This is one of my favorite parts of blogging; hipping someone to other blogs they don't know but are worth reading. You made my day!