Friday, June 01, 2007

Lazy Linkage

:: Mrs. M-Mv has a link to a list of the best novels you've never read. Sure enough, I haven't read any of them, but I do own a copy of one of them, so I'm ahead of the curve, right?

(And hey, why did I never think of making a reading list before? Up 'til now, my "reading lists" have taken the form of shelves full of books and stacks of books on the floor and on my table and by my bed. A list would take up a lot less space, I bet.)

:: Lynn links a pretty amazing photo.

:: PNH has a pretty amazing photo too.

:: OK, I'll breathe slightly easier for now: The SFBC's new editor actually has experience in SF. Still sucks for the old editor, but maybe the club isn't being fast-tracked for an early shut-down after all.

:: Mr. Bennion links a guy who's provided some handy sense of scale for the USS Enterprise-D. In comments, I directed Mr. Bennion to Starship Dimensions, a site I've linked before but which always bears revisiting for geeks.

:: A couple of guides for responding to global-warming denialists, here and here.

:: My space-opera reading project has brought me to a new obsession. The first volume was terrific, and I'm tracking down the remaining volumes as we speak. Or as I write this. Or something like that.

:: Alex Ross on great comedic film scores. If we include the musical genre in our notion of film scores -- for some reason, musical scores never seem to get much discussion from film music afficionadoes -- then there are tons of great comedy filmscores. Lisa Hirsch has a pretty good answer.

:: Belladonna is going on a potentially permanent hiatus. This saddens me; she's one of my favorite blog-finds of the last year or however long it's been since I discovered her blog.

:: Stephen Frug isn't going on hiatus, but he's forecasting a greatly reduced posting schedule. I refer the my right honorable friends to the reply I made some moments ago.


MyMaracas said...

Thanks for the link to the Best Novels! Always looking for more titles to add to the bookpile.

Like you, I've never read any of them, but do own one - Mariette in Ecstacy. Picked it up at a library sale.

Which one do you have?

Belladonna said...

Not to worry, my friend. I'll turn up again, like a bad penny. I just need a break to putter in the garden and read your book.

Not sure if I'll come back to Mind Muffins or entirely re-invent my blog in a new place - but I'll keep you posted. We'll stay in touch via e-mail I am sure.