Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

Ahhh, what a wonderful week for high weirdness on the Interweb! Here are the two best things I found:

:: PZ Myers points out this heretofore unknown collaboration between Stan Lee and Jack Chick.

:: Warren Ellis links this montage of David Caruso moments from CSI: Miami. I love this show, mainly because it's so unimaginably campy that it's amazing fun. I have a hypothesis that David Caruso is his generation's William Shatner, and that his CSI: Miami work parallels Shatner's TJ Hooker phase.

And here's a bonus David Caruso moment, one of my favorite things he's ever done on CSI: Miami. In the course of crime scene investigating and whatnot, they find a car that's wired to explode in four minutes. Horatio (the Caruso character) can't defuse it, but he can certainly drive it to where it can safely explode -- like, say, a vacant beach in Miami. Because Miami abounds with vacant beaches where cars can be exploded without fear of injuring the vacationers or the drugrunners whom the show seems to indicate constitute well over half of that city's population. Watch this clip, even though the sound slips out of sync slightly about halfway through. This is awesome stuff, folks.

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Anonymous said...

after reading this:
about watching CSI Miami, i rarely watch the show without laughing hysterically.
my darling husband says that DC is the William Shatner of this generation.