Monday, November 20, 2006


OK, folks, that's it for one week. I haven't decided when I'll return to blogging, but it will either be one week from today (Monday the 27th) or one week from tomorrow (Tuesday the 28th). Until then, be excellent to one another, keep on truckin', may the Force be with you, remember the Alamo, don't stop thinkin' about tomorrow, Clear Ether, Happy Thanksgiving (for Americans), have a nice Thursday (for non-Americans).

UPDATE: Yeah, how can you miss me if I don't leave? But feel free to leave questions and/or posting suggestions in comments here. Also, I posted two close-ups of my bookshelves on my Flickr stream (link in sidebar at left), so if you want to gaze at a portion of my reading tastes, there you go. OK, now I'm really leaving.

OH yeah, one more thing. Don't forget to [ten-ton weight dropped on his head]


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your break. BTW - what's the deal with Losman and Evans this week? Where has that been?

Anonymous said...

I was surprised no reaction to the Bills game this week.

I watched the 1 o'clock games at a sports bar in Enfield, CT and was surprised at the variety of fans there. Quite a few Bills fans, one guy had on a Rams jersey.

Enjoy the Holiday. Of course working in retail you probably have to work 100 hours between now and next Monday.

Roger Owen Green said...

OK, you asked for it:

Are you prone to melancholy, depression, whatever? If so, what are the things that break you out of that?

How many of the All-TIME 100 albums do you own?

What is your most favorite and least favorite months? And why?

well, there's a start. have a happy time off.

and one more thing...what are you, Columbo?

Traci said...

I tried your chicken recipe. My husband even liked it! Good stuff.

lazydog said...

Hope your Thanksgiving was great.