Monday, November 27, 2006

Sentential Links #76

I didn't do a whole lot of blog-surfing this week, but there was some good stuff nonetheless:

:: Yesterday, while shopping at Target, I noticed the Jones Soda Co. had their Turkey n' Gravy soda for sale again. (Gack....)

:: A refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom - I honestly don't know why they are made any other way! (Never have I seen such a thing! Wow! This is the spiritual-life focused blog by the same author as Mind-muffins, which I only learned this week.)

:: Would I be grateful if I won the lottery? I already did. I was born into the middle class in the west during the second half of the 20th century.

:: Come to think of it, Star Wars prequels aside, have there even been any spaceship movies in recent years? (Well, there was the amazingly bad Star Trek Nemesis, which probably doesn't count. Firefly and its Serenity movie sequel definitely count. Animated films include spaceships in Titan AE and even Lilo and Stich, although that last doesn't take the whole spaceship thing all that seriously. Ditto Treasure Planet. I guess spaceships aren't cool anymore? That makes me sad.)

:: So, there we were. The smoke was visible from about half a mile away (nice blue-sky clear New Hampshire afternoon). When we arrived we found a garage that had pretty-much collapsed. It looked like a big bonfire. I wish I’d taken a camera with me to show you. (You know, I love deep-fried stuff as much as any good American, but after watching some videos of what can go wrong, I just can't think that deep-fried turkey tastes that good.)

:: Whenever I get into a Comments spat with somebody who's just quote-farming and spitting circular arguments -- almost always the "I'm a lawyer" or "law professor" comes up. (Which reminds me: over at FSM, the Objectivist Weirdo is at it again [dig into it a few pages], complete with threats of lawsuits and everything! What is it with lawyers on the Interweb? Not necessarily that all lawyers on the Interweb are weirdos, but rather that weirdos often turn out to be lawyers. Odd.)

All for this week, although I have the nagging feeling I missed a few...anyway, tune in next Monday.

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Call me Paul said...

I gotta say that when someone engaged in an Internet argument says, "I'm a [insert alleged expert occupation here]," I almost never believe them.

Also, when you said, FSM, I automatically assumed you meant Flying Spaghetti Monster."