Monday, November 13, 2006

Sentential Links #74

This week's links are brought to you by the letter "F". Why "F"? I dunno. F just called and said, "I wanna sponsor the Links." And you know, when F calls, you gotta listen.

(Yes, I'm aware that the above makes absolutely no sense.)


:: Someone needs to tell the New Atheists that Modernism is dead. (I'm linking this in hopes that Sean will connect the dots a bit, because I have no idea what he means here.)

:: So, after years of ragging after Hillary Clinton’s uncertain hairdoes and clothes, we have a new woman politician to check out.

:: They are one of hundreds of great stories across the City of Buffalo. Our economic diversity, unique space, pool of talent, and entreprenuerial spirit were the focus of our marketing efforts during Buffalo Old Home Week and offer the best bet for our economic revival.

:: He's like a jazz pianist version of Mahler. (Again: great quip, if only I knew what it meant.)

:: I've seen so many, particularly those burdened with the heavy invisible backpacks of liberal guilt, including myself, quickly amend their anti-war sentiments with an automatic "of course, I support the troops, 100%." Really? Always?

:: A nursing mother was thrown out of King Ranger Theatre in Seguin last night. Because she was nursing her child. (GRRRRR!!! The owner of that theatre deserves to have his ass sued off; and shame on the police for refusing to enforce the law in that instance.)

:: She has seen joy, sadness, tragedy, and miracles - and travelled each of those roads with great dignity and poise.

All for this week. Tune in next week, for a very special episode....

(No, not really. Just more links next week. Unless they're really special. Or something like that.)

1 comment:

Sean Meade said...

'you really got me' ;-)

not sure how much i can add: what i mean is that, in my experience, rabid atheists know that they know that they know that there is no proof for God, that believing in God is foolish. and that kind of confidence in knowledge is, philosophically, a thing of the past.

in the article i link, Daniel Dennett (the philosopher) is more nuanced than the other two highlighted atheists.

does this help at all?