Sunday, November 12, 2006


Quick notes:

:: Trips last Tuesday afternoon to three different brick-and-mortar music-selling establishments proved fruitless, so I had to order the complete Two Towers score from Amazon. It arrived on Thursday. I have only been able to listen to the first of the three discs thus far, but once again I'm astounded at the scope of Howard Shore's conception, and the way all of his motifs effortlessly mirror other ones, creating one of the most unified sound-worlds I've ever heard in a filmscore. Just magnificent. I'm glad it'll be a whole year to The Return of the King, because I have three hours of Two Towers music to study. I do wish that Doug Adams's book on the LOTR music was forthcoming sooner, though.

:: Via MeFi I learn that one should probably not scrub one's kid's face with a Magic Eraser, a cleaning product that is designed to remove from walls things like magic marker. Who'da thunk it, eh?

:: When last I updated the space opera reading project, I noted that one of my selections was a work written in the 1930s by Jack Williamson, who was as of that writing still alive. That is now no longer the case: Williamson died on Friday. He was 98; his last novel was published in 2005, with his first published work dating 77 years before that. What a career. I salute you, Mr. Williamson: Clear ether!

That's what's going on today. Snore.

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