Monday, November 06, 2006

Sentential Links #73: The Vote Democratic Edition

Oh, the hell with it. I had a bunch of links from fine liberal blogs ready to go, but I'm now just sick of the whole damn thing. You can go read those blogs via the main blogroll, of course; that's why they're there. But while I don't avoid politics here as an iron-clad rule here anymore, I don't find much fulfillment in writing about it, even when it's the main thing on my mind. So just one non-political link, just to remind myself of what's really important tomorrow:

:: So it's like listening to a symphonic story. You are introduced to all of the cast, shown all the sets, and then listen to them wander around for three CDs. It's Peter and the Wolf on steroids.



Anonymous said...

My wife isn't going to vote because she is sick of all the commercials. I understand, but got to help vote the rascals out!

Anonymous said...
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