Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hatin' on the Barbies

I'm having difficulty with The Amazing Race, because we're down to four teams, three of which I can't stand, and the one I like (the single mothers from Alabama) I really can't see winning because they seem utterly incapable of running with any kind of speed, and this seems to be the part of the race when the ability to run your ass off becomes fairly important.

But as long as the Barbies, or the Beauty Queens, do NOT win, I'll call it good. We're talking about two ladies who have demonstrated such geographical ignorance that they pronounce "Kiev" as "Keev" constantly, they misread a clue way back in the Thailand episode and ended up just paddling their boat around the islands of the South China Sea looking for Phil (and somehow still not coming in last), and so on. And this past week, they finally came in last -- only to win a stay of execution, since it was a non-elimination week. Gah!

I also recently read that the next iteration of TAR will be an "all-star" edition, which will apparently feature among its contestants the famed Rob-and-Amber, the people who have already been on Survivor twice and TAR once. Why doesn't CBS just give them a million bucks? Geez.


Anonymous said...

Gah! indeed! I was ready to throw something at Phil when he said it was a non-elimination round!

And more Rob-and-Amber? Like we need that! What they ought to do is pull some of the Survivor all-stars (that aren't Rob-and-Amber!) and have them run TAR! Now that I'd watch! LOL


Andrew said...

I hate to say this but after also hatin' on the Barbies for a while I do kind of appreciate the facts that they 1) don't bicker with each other all the time, and 2) tend to stay reasonably positive and don't diss all the other contestants. The single mothers don't seem nearly as resourceful or positive - they spent a lot of time getting help from other teams (although interestingly when they finally went it alone they did quite well).

The thought of having to see the Race fixed in favor of Rob and Amber again is quite sickening...