Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

You know, I've actually come to look forward to the ads Elliot Spitzer is running on TV in his campaign for Governor of New York, just because they're all incredibly positive ads. (He has this luxury, of course, because his Republican opponent has zero chance of winning. If Spitzer were in an actual race, he'd be running as much muck ads as anybody else.)

Anyway, the main ad Spitzer's been showing has him listing his "To Do list" upon taking office: he's gonna reform Medicaid, and reduce property taxes, improve our schools, and so on. (I can't help but watch that ad and think, "Shit, why didn't anybody else think of that!")

But anyway, I wonder if maybe Spitzer's first task upon taking office shouldn't be to hire some new typists in Albany, after a typo has resulted in the state's drunk driving law being currently unenforceable. Oops.

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Roger Owen Green said...

So, when you say you're naturally high, you really mean it!