Thursday, November 02, 2006

Buffalo Bleg

Hey, Buffalo readers: what restaurants in this area do Thanksgiving dinner? Restaurants in the Southtowns or in Cheektowaga are preferred. Thanks!

(I moved this post up because no one commented! Come on, Buffalo bloggers -- surely someone knows a restaurant that does T-giving dinner!)


LC Scotty said...

I'm not ignoring ya, Jaq. I really don't have any ideas about any restaraunts for Turkey day.

Do a Chinese restaraunt like in "A Christmas Story"?

Anonymous said...

What are these "Southtowns" you speak of?

Anonymous said...

The Mansard does a nice Thanksgiving dinner (Abbott and Milestrip area). I used to waitress there and although I missed my family when I had to work on holidays like TG - the good food helped ease the pain! - Yours, Elly