Sunday, November 05, 2006

Quick Shots

Not really feeling much like blogging the last few days, so here are some quick links to stuff.

:: After a very long fallow period, I've started offering merchandise again on eBay. There is a link in the sidebar to all of my auctions. Currently I'm offering a number of books, but some music may come later. No, I do not currently plan to sell any of my overalls.

:: Paul has a cyber-stalker.

:: Guy Gavriel Kay has another movie deal: he will be doing his own screenplay adaptation for The Last Light of the Sun, which is his most recent novel (at least until Ysabel comes out early next year). Of course, this means that GGK's main focus over the coming year will be that screenplay as opposed to prepping another book. Sigh. (GGK's The Lions of Al-Rassan is the other of his novels currently under movie development.)

:: I keep forgetting that Mrs. M-Mv posted a while back about St. Crispian's Day, made famous in the greatest pep-talk ever written, the speech put in the lips of King Henry V by William Shakespeare in the play cleverly entitled, Henry V. She recommends watching the Kenneth Branagh film of the play, and I second that recommendation; but failing that, you can hear Branagh giving that speech here. (I've linked before, but it's been a while and it's a great site full of speechy, oratorical goodness.)

:: Apologies to the Bears and Vikings fans among my readers, because I'm really gonna miss Brett Favre when he retires. I love watching that guy.

:: Another reason why my job is cooler than your job: this week I got to do a lot of jobs in which one of these was my primary tool.

:: I'll say more about it some other time, but for now let me just note that last night I finally found a movie with a final line that's as good as Casablanca's "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship": The Wind and the Lion, which ends with Sean Connery saying to a friend: "Is there nothing in your life worth losing everything for?"

:: During the week of Thanksgiving, this blog will be on hiatus. I'll make an official announcement then, but regular readers should be aware, because I'll probably kick off December with a second installment of Ask Me Anything!, and the week I'm off will be query-submission time. So start thinking! (Heck, you can even start asking stuff if you want, but no answers will be forthcoming until after that hiatus.)

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