Wednesday, March 22, 2006


The other day I posted about how I don't like the NCAA Tournament because I'm not much of a basketball fan. Now, I've been reading Matthew Yglesias for ages, so I know he is a basketball fan, so I was a bit surprised to read that he doesn't much like the NCAA Tournament either.

If April is the cruelest month then March is the most frustrating. My favorite sport -- basketball -- is still in full swing but, at the same time, mercilessly pushed out of public view in favor of the NCAA Tournament. College ball is, simply put, basketball played badly, and America's obsession with that game's absurd method of determining a national champion is the true madness.

Now, I just don't have the chops to really judge Matthew's argument here, but something faintly smells about it -- maybe it's my vague sense that the NBA does not, actually, represent "the game as it's meant to be played", especially if the disastrous Team USA performance in the 2004 Summer Olymics can be held as an indication of the current style of NBA play. But as I note, that's just a vague sense of mine, and I may well be full of crap.

So, basketball fans, let me know if and how Matthew's argument fails.

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