Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

I've seen lots of good weirdness online this week, so I'll do a grab-bag of it all today:

:: The Movie Timeline, which provides a history of the world assuming that everything that's ever happened in a movie either actually did happen or actually will happen. It sure would make for a more interesting world, right? (via Mefi)

:: How to make your own Peep-like confections. Because the ones you can buy just aren't icky enough. (via Mr. Sun)

:: Bastard Operator from Hell. When your tech guy is, well, a bastard. Or something like that. Mostly stories of stupid calls to IT support, as far as I can see.

:: Looks like a Borg wedding gown to me.

:: This woman has one of the more unique hobbies I've seen. She and her friends/acquaintances seem to be having a blast. I would certainly hope so! I found some of these almost infectiously cute. (A handful of her photos are not work-safe, but for reasons of surprising practicality.)

:: Remember the episode of The West Wing that had a flashback to Jed Bartlet's days as Governor of New Hampshire? He was entertaining a couple of marketing guys who were trying to sell him on a new tourism slogan for the state: "New Hampshire -- it's what's new!" Bartlet was having none of it. Well, anyway.... (via PNH)

That's all for this week. As I note, it was a great week for general weirdness and/or goofiness on the Interweb!

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