Monday, March 20, 2006

Hints of Another Life

Trey the Rambling Taoist links a blog that I had to read, The Useless Tree, as soon as I read Trey's post about it: another blogger is mourning the passing of his disabled son. Reading the archives at Useless Tree (as well as some linked writings at other publications over there), I saw so many familiar things: the fear and grief inherent in a child's severe disabilities, and the unavoidable striving to find peace even in a world where one's entire life revolves around those disabilities.

I never heard of Aidan until I read of his death. The differences are there, of course; they always are. Aidan lived to be 14 years, as opposed to 15 months; Aidan's family had a chance to prepare for his passing, inasmuch as anyone's passing can ever be prepared for. But that could have been our life, and our life could have been theirs.

I never knew you, Aidan, until you died -- but farewell, nonetheless.

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