Saturday, March 25, 2006

An ending

Drew Vogel has decided to stop posting at Terminus, a blog that's been on my radar screen for very nearly the entire time I've been maintaining Byzantium's Shores. That's a shame, but I can't quibble with his reason. He basically says that he just decided that he didn't want to do it anymore, and in the end, that's the only real rationale for abandoning a blog that makes sense.

I have to admit that I have occasionally considered closing things down here, but the idea always vanishes fairly quickly, as I inevitably come round to the realization that I'll still have stuff to say and I'll still want an outlet for it all, and since I've invested so much time in this outlet, it makes sense to keep it going. I have abandoned any pretense of daily blogging, of course; it's not the worst thing to just not post anything if I don't have anything to say. I also find this particular medium a lot more personal than, say, the Usenet of old, when the only binding tie between one and the people with whom one interacts is an interest in the subject matter of the newsgroup in question.

Anyway, best of luck to Drew in his future endeavours. I hope he sticks around as a reader!

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