Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hitting close to home

I just found this comment, by this guy, in this MeFi thread which discusses yet another example of the Bush Administration's insistence of its own power trumping all:

That Americans haven't risen up in protest is just too depressing. We've accepted warrantless searches. We've accepted massive debt. We've accepted an endless war on an unidentified enemy. We've accepted a presidency that is unaccountable and above the law. We've accepted that manufacturing, biotech, and computer technology will all go to other countries. We've accepted that the government won't save us from natural disasters. Basically, we've all just given up.

So this is how it will be? We'll talk a good game, but when we actually do something we'll screw it up. And eventually we'll just lack the resources to do much at all. We'll brag about democracy, even though we loath our government. We'll shake our fists at those damn terrorists, but we'll know in our hearts we aren't doing much to about them. We'll blame it all Clinton and the media, because we're too ashamed to admit we just sat on our ass and watched Bush piss it all away.

One of the things that brought down the U.S.S.R. was the Moslem "dead-enders" in Afghanistan who didn't realize they couldn't beat a nuclear superpower with small arms and improvised explosives. The Soviets failed to put enough troops on the ground, failed to win hearts and minds, and just kept pouring money into the war until they ran out of money.

And here we are in Iraq, fighting Moslem "dead-enders" who only have small arms and improvised explosives. We failed to put enough troops on the ground, failed to win hearts and minds, and we just raised the debt ceiling so that we could borrow more money from China to keep the war going.

Do people even think about that? We can't keep fighting the war in Iraq unless we borrow more money from China. Right? And in Iraq we're fighting the same people who beat the Soviets in Afghanistan. Right?

And we all sat on our asses and watched it happen.

I can't deny that on my worst days this is pretty close to how I feel about things.

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