Sunday, March 05, 2006

Vote! Vote! Vote!

The voting is apparently open over at the Koufax Awards, for which Byzantium's Shores has received a nomination for "Most Deserving of Wider Recognition". Of course, I have little chance of winning, since there are something like 300 blogs up for the same award (imagine the Oscars if they nominated dozens of actors or films for each award!), but if you'd like to vote for this blog anyway, here's where to go.

Just a couple of kvetches about the Koufax's, as long as I'm at it. First, it seems to me that an award like "Mose Deserving of Wider Recognition" should have more than one winner. Second, this may get me drummed out of Liberal Blogistan for good, but I'm flummoxed that Atrios won a nomination for Best Writing. The guy almost never produces a post that's more than a few sentences long, and even when he does, there's usually no way I'd put him up with Jeanne d'Arc, Lance Mannion, Wolcott, or any of the really good writers of Liberal Blogistan. Eschaton performs a very valuable service and might be the "MVP" of liberal blogs, but a showcase of writing prowess it's not.

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