Saturday, March 18, 2006

A special place in Hell....

OK, folks. Not everyone who buys rolls of quarters from the bank is a business owner picking up change for the cash register. Some of us buy rolls of quarters because it's the most convenient way to keep money on hand to run the coin-operated washer and dryer downstairs -- especially when the price of running the laundry machines makes the $10.00 in quarter form especially convenient, as one roll works out to exactly four loads, washed and dried.

So when you GIANT MORONS who are sitting home rolling up your quarters and you GIANT MORONS discover that you only have $9.75 to put into that roll, sticking a damn NICKEL in there to take up the extra space is a really obnoxious thing to do. And if I have my way, not one person who engages in this practice will be admitted to heaven without first being referred to a section of Purgatory where they will be pelted with quarters.


(End of rant.)

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