Saturday, July 30, 2005

Lining the Stream

I've just spent some time tidying up the sidebar at left, updating some stuff and rearranging other stuff. I've folded the blogroll devoted exclusively to LiveJournalers (weirdos that those folks are!) into the main blogroll ("Other Journeys"), as well as removed a few blogs that were either inactive or that I had not read in enough time so as to make me forget that I'd blogroll'd them in the first place. I've toyed with the idea of moving the entire blogroll to an inner blog post that I'd simply link from the main page, which would allow me to maintain more links and to categorize them without creating too much clutter in the sidebar, but I haven't got round to that yet.

Also gone is the 2005 reading list, for two reasons: one, it was just taking up space and making clutter over there; and two, the year is half gone and I've not read a single thing from that list yet. My reading habits tend to be, shall we say, capricious, and I should have known long ago that attempts to plan my reading that far in advance were likely to end in complete failure. These aren't books that I'm admitting that I'll never read, but they're books that I shouldn't try to promise myself to read. I see little reason these days to approach my regular reading as though it's a college syllabus. (I also finally changed the titles in the "Currently Reading" box to what I'm actually currently reading, since the former titles there hadn't been active in months.)

I've also updated the "Writings Elsewhere" section of the sidebar, with a mess of links to reviews I've written for GMR over the last year or so that I never linked here.

Now all I have to do is put a few photos of scantilly-clad dancing women in the sidebar and I'll be all set!

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