Sunday, February 01, 2004

Atlas Snored

My reactions to dealing with Libertarians tend to run the gamut from backing away slowly (in general) to running away screaming (if they start quoting Ayn Rand). But sometimes I stand there, watching, and shake my head (case in point -- you may have to scroll down a bit). That's what I'm going with regard to this New York Press article:

With such a philosophy ["We're pro-choice on everything!"], you might expect a Libertarian convention to look like Beyond Thunderdome’s Bartertown. Or, at the very least, like the interrupting Neil Saunders. But aside from one tragically comic mullet (sparse spikes on top, ponytail in the back), Manhattan’s Libertarians are white, middle-aged, professional males. There’s one Asian man in attendance and, among the handful of women, one is the spitting image of Onion columnist Jean Teasdale. I can’t take my eyes off her.

I am also baffled as to why I found this article linked here, but I guess this, too, falls in the category of head-shaking.

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