Thursday, June 19, 2003

Ugh! I just had a post get chewed up. Actually, this one wasn't Blogger's fault. When posting, I keep two or three browser windows open, so I can refer to the thing on which I'm commenting while composing a post. This time, the page I was attempting to load on the other browser launched a pop-up that choked, and when I tried to close that pop-up, I got that "Program Not Responding" dialog box. What I don't get is why clicking "End Now" closes all the currently running IE's, since it's not the case that they're all not responding....or is it? Anyone?

(The post in question was some tame Star Wars babbling that can really wait for another time. And judging by the number of short-burst posts today, I'm guessing that I'm not much in a "content generation" mood right now. Ah well....)

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