Friday, June 27, 2003


Posting pictures of one's cats has become something of a Friday institution around Blogistan (here is an example from Kevin Drum). And I figure, well, I don't have any pictures to put up of either of our cats, but here's a nice substitute:

Nice kitty!

(That's all I got for today, folks. It's sunny out, not as hot and humid, I've got some projects to work on, so I'm outta here. Or more precisely, I'm still right here, but not writing posts today. Or something. And I may take tomorrow completely off, because there is a parade in town that needs attending by me, or it's just not the same, along with my normal workload. Isn't it amazing how much work I can generate for myself, despite the fact that as of right now, none of it is for pay? I suspect I'm doing something wrong....)

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