Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Michael Lopez is a tad irritated that a school principal would dare challenge a handful of students who showed up to their graduation ceremonies inappropriately dressed.

Just how were they dressed? T-shirts with profanity on them? Ripped jeans? Tennis shoes? Hair painted purple?

Nope. Their "inappropriate dress" consisted of...hell, I can't believe it enough to type it. Here's the story.


(On a more important note, Michael also recently posted some recommendations for Star Wars fan fiction. I stopped writing fanfic years ago, but it was always a blast, and it occurs to me that one of those stories is still unfinished. Maybe, if I'm ever sufficiently inebriated, I'll post one here. What I did was take Lucas's basic Star Wars plot and write my own trilogy of screenplays with that same story. Much fun was had, although there was some ridicule from certain quarters....)

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