Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Today is the first day of significant heat in Buffalo -- right now it's something like 83 degrees out, and tomorrow's supposed to be a bit hotter before a cooldown. What's nice is that later on this evening, when I reach the point where I'm hottest, I can fire up the central air (which we haven't had in any of our previous domiciles). Hooray!

By the way, all of you people in "warmer climes" who think of Buffalo as an arctic snow-palace, remember: in all the time that weather stats have been kept, not once has Buffalo's temperature topped 100 degrees. So there.

(And you folks in Arizona or some such place, stop telling me that it's a "dry heat". 110 degrees is friggin' unpleasant, no matter how dry it is. Harumph.)

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