Sunday, June 22, 2003

SDB (he of the muchly-appreciated link -- thanks for the hits!) posts some screen-grabs today from a Lara Croft game. I don't know the first thing about Lara Croft, really, but I do notice something in those screen-grabs. (OK, I notice two things, but I probably shouldn't discuss the first one.)

Why is it that, in movies and apparently in video games, when someone is at a corner in a corridor and they want to peek around the corner to see what the baddies are up to, they stand with their back to the wall and then crane their necks wwaayy around to the right or left to do the appropriate peeking? Wouldn't it be better to face the wall and then slightly lean sideways and extend one's neck to the side so as to get the look one's trying to get? I mean, is there a genuine advantage to be gained in standing with one's back to the wall and then twisting one's neck past the point where it's really supposed to be twisted, or is this just so as to indulge that other thing I noticed in those screen-grabs?

Oh, and Steven also wonders who we Yanks have who is of similar iconic quality of Ms. Croft. I assume what he's getting at is, what complete babes do we have who also kick substantial amounts of ass. Well, since I really can't get tired of looking at this image, I offer this one:


(UPDATE: SDB wonders if Wonder Woman counts because she's actually an Amazon by birth. I say, yes, indeed! After all, Superman came all the way from the planet Krypton and still wears red, white and blue and fights for "Truth, Justice and the American Way". Wonder Woman's wearing red, white and blue as well, albeit with some gold highlights. Besides, that picture....I'll stop here, because I'm probably creeping out some of my readers.)

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