Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Mac Diva gave me a mention in regard to my post a few days ago about her recent victory in the New Blog Showcase contest. (Lord, that's a lot of links in one sentence....)

I just want to clarify one thing: In my post, I wasn't really taking Mac Diva to task for winning the contest, which she did, fair and sqaure. Nor was I taking N.Z. Bear to task for anything. I was just whining a bit, pure and simple. I certainly wasn't suggesting that Mac Diva should have been disqualified from the contest on the basis that when she launched her blog, she had something of a built-in reader base via her months of commenting on high-profile blogs like Eschaton. Digby had the same basic advantage when he launched Hullabaloo, after all (even though Digby has apparently left the planet surface in a spaceship he boarded near Devil's Tower, Wyoming).

It happens. If you are a friend of a person who happens to run a high-profile blog, and you launch a blog of your own, then you've got a big jump on the majority of bloggers who simply jumped in with few (or zero) acquaintances in Blogistan, like yours truly. Personal connections can figure as much in Blogistan as anywhere in real life.

So, for folks like me, it's a case of "Tough titty said the kitty". Which is as it should be, and which is why I admitted at the outset of that post that I was whining. But it's my blog, I can whine if I want to!

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