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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tinkering under the hood....

I'm doing a bit of mucking about with the blog template, folks, so if things look weird, bear with. Thanks!

UPDATE: OK, I think I'm done for right now. I liked the look I was using a lot, except for one thing: the "meta-" text regarding each post. I'm talking about the dates, the labels, and the comments links. This all appeared in very tiny lettering, at the top of each post. That bugged me -- especially the location of the comments link. I'd wager that on at least 98 percent of the blogs out there, links to Comments come at the bottom of the posts, not at the top. This was occasionally a problem here as readers would, through really no fault of their own, read through a post and then click the comments link they saw at the bottom of the post...which belonged to the next post. Oy! Not good. So now, that's fixed.

I've also added some "share" buttons for each post, for easy propagating of my vapid content to other regions of Teh Interweb, if any of you should so desire. There we go! Onward and upward!


Roger Owen Green said...

At least twice I commented on the wrong post. The trick with comment moderation (and I have it too) is that if you DIDN'T have it, I might have copied the comment, deleted it from the wrong one and recopied to the correct one.

Jaquandor said...

I know. It gave me headaches, too -- I read comments when they're e-mailed to me, and I publish them from the link there (usually), and then if I reply, it's generally later in the day when I have time to sit down and think. And then I click the post and say to myself, "What the hell? I know I published his comment and now it's not here!"

I like this set-up a lot better.

Lynn said...

Nice! I like it a lot.