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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Eight Things

Lynn tags me with a meme where I'm to reveal eight things about myself, or give eight facts about myself, or reveal eight habits, or something like that. After more than five years of blogging, coming up with new stuff that I actually want to reveal here is kind of hard.

1. Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine dates the guy who zones out every time "Desperado" comes on the radio? I'm the same way with Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto and Enescu's Romanian Rhapsody No. 1.

2. Musical instruments I feel like I should like, but which I really don't: the harpsichord, the classical guitar, the harmonica.

3. I listen to The Daughter talk about her collection of Pokemon cards, and it hits me that this is what I sounded like to my parents when I talked nonstop about Star Wars.

4. I think there should be a national restaurant chain that does nothing but sell those regional specialties that are beloved in one place but completely unknown just fifty or a hundred miles away. I'm thinking of beef on weck, scrapple, spiedies, Maid-Rites, broasted chicken, and so on. The restaurant could be funded with Piers Morgan's money, after the dingoes eat him.

5. I believe that rum makes the world a better place.

6. It's been over a year since the last time I set foot in a Wal-Mart.

7. I don't recall how it happened, but my family has now become spoiled: we can no longer consume pancake syrups like Mrs. Butterworth's or Log Cabin. We pay the hefty price for real maple syrup, and we do so cheerfully.

8. I'm the only member of my family who enjoys the flavor of coconut. This means that I can load up on Mounds bars and not feel the slightest bit guilty for not sharing.

I'm supposed to tag people, but I'm not going to. Grab it and post away if you like, folks!


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Your's are much better than mine. We have the coconut thing in common. I usually think of it as sort of a problem though. I love coconut cream pie but I never make or buy one because I'm the only one in the family who would eat it and it would make me feel like such a pig to eat a whole pie by myself.

Anonymous said...

I remember trapping my cousin, who was probably in his late 20s at the time, at the family reunion in 1978 and telling him the entire plot of Splinter of the Mind's Eye, complete with my own commentary on the characters and plot, just because he made a stupid Star Wars joke. I've been paid back many times through the years as the nieces and nephews have hit 10 or 11 and spent hours regaling me with the adventures of Harry Potter, the rules of Yu-Gi-Oh (which seem to have no actual relation to the way these kids play the game, btw), and the characteristics of every single Pokemon.

Belladonna said...

Yeah, that resturaunt idea is a good one. It's GOTTA have deep fried pickles, right?

I'm with you on the maple syrup.

God did a good thing when he/she invented/created/thought up maple trees. Besides the yummy goo that comes out of them, ya gotta love the show they put on in the fall. When I think of all the things I miss about living in the midwest, the color of sugar maple trees every autumn comes right at the top of the list. Who would have thought that brilliant scarlet that turns almost florescent pink would be a color occuring in nature?

Tosy And Cosh said...

For us, it happened when we started buying the real stuff as a "souvenir" of our trips to New Hampshire, and then couldn't wait for teh next trip to get more.