Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh yeah, "Maximum Overdrive" wasn't a book

All sixty-two (at this moment) of Stephen King's books, ranked. I've read nowhere near all of his work, and I don't plan to...King himself admits that he can be uneven. My first King book (in 1998, after an attempt to read him during high school and not finding him my cup of tea at the time) was Insomnia, which ranks toward the bottom of this list. I liked it enough to read more of him, but generally I try to stick to the things he's written that are fairly well-regarded. The Stand, Salem's Lot, and It are all astonishingly good, and of course, On Writing is utterly essential.


Lynn said...

Eyes of the Dragon should have been way higher up on the list. But I guess I like it because it's different from King's other books and some people might dislike it for the same reason.

M. D. Jackson said...

Interesting. I would not have ranked Bag of Bones so low, nor From a Buick 8 so high, but what is most curious is that his On Writing seems to rank as both #1 and #2, either that or I missed something.

New York Erratic said...

Christine and Cujo should have both ranked much higher in my opinion. Cujo is one of my favorites and Christine is not only good, it gets bonus points imho for being original. Pet Sematary also should have ranked higher, imho.

I didn't like "On Writing." I never got through it. I thought it was kind of whiny.

Mimi said...

My favorites would probably be "The Stand," "Eyes of the Dragon," "11/22/63," and like others have said, "Carrie" and "Christine" -
he can be terribly uneven, I agree, and gory gross.

I've not read "On Writing" but we do have it around here.

csmith2884 said...

Have you tried "Needful Things"? Next to "The Stand" and "Different Seasons", which the slideshow described spot on, at the top of my list. It takes awhile to get going but what a payoff.