Saturday, February 04, 2012

Saturday Centus

Just a normal prompt this week! (Although I shouldn't say 'just' a normal prompt, as a lot of times it's been the seemingly simplest prompts that have tripped me up and made me take hours just to mull them over to come up with something.)

"And these are--?" asked the lady in the floppy hat.

"Peas," said Farmer Jimmy, behind his stall at the market. "Two peas in every pod."


"Two. Two peas in a pod."

"Only two?"

"Yessum...but these peas are three inches in diameter."

"These peas are genetically modified, aren't they?"

"Don't think so. Just good old SuperMegaTechnoCorp seed."

"OK, thanks." And the lady moved on to the next stall, not even looking at Farmer Jimmy's football apples. The exact size and shape, naturally, of a regulation football.

"Hippie farmers with their organic food," Jimmy growsed. "Probably wear tie-dye under their overalls, too."

And hey, Centusians, feel free to participate in my twice-annual Ask Me Anything! festival, in which you get to...well, you know.


anitamombanita said...

I'm a huge food inc fan...I think anyone who ever eats anything should see it...oh, that would be everyone? great post!

21 Wits said...

Now that's an apple I could stand behind...or over....or...!

Dreaming said...

...from sunny Buffalo, NY... Ah, thanks for the morning chuckle! I was born near that wonderful city of clouds and lake-effect snow! Love your humor... and loved your Two Peas in a Pod! Just think, one pod serves two!

Susan Anderson said...


Thanks for the chuckle this morning.


Jo said...

totally lol worthy!!! but scarily true ... and it's getting hard to find local markets that carry much stock in the winter ... damn, i am being modified in so many ways just by food.

Judie said...

Yes, but how do they taste??? I also saw Food Inc. Everyone should! Great idea for a post!!

Unknown said...

Very funny! I like the way you have taken 'TWO PEAS' literally and then let your imagination take over. Well done. (But you're good at this. I've read similar posts by you; you must think along these lines.)
Best wishes,
'Parent-teacher meeting' Anna's SC wk 92

Gail said...

Great! I as late on visiting everyone as I was posting.

Jenny said...

Darn if that didn't make me look at your picture! ha!

This was really fun! Thanks for the smile...and the super creative use of this winsome little prompt!