Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sentential Links

Let there be linkage!

:: Wife is at a rock concert tonight. I’m watching cable TV at home. Thus are illustrated the differences between us. (John Scalzi, home alone, with a Lord of the Rings marathon on the teevee and a Twitter account logged in. Hilarity ensues. Really.)

:: We had a great time that summer and wrote to each other for years afterwards before losing touch. I wonder if she makes sure that her kids have comics in their backpacks when they leave for school in the morning. I like to think that she does. (OK, there's a great movie to be made out of Cal's story here...young love, fostered by a mutual love of comics! Great post.)

:: This is the side of me that surfaces when something grand comes from my writing. I weep for my characters. I fall in love with them and mourn the fact that I will never meet them outside the confines of my mind. This is the side of me that drinks too much wine, listens to too many love songs, and never seems to adequately express itself. Sometimes when I write, my soul weeps. (I'm the same way...the characters in my stories are real to me, as real as anyone, and even as I get to know them better than anyone, they still manage to surprise me as much as anyone in 'real' life. Of course, there is the odd circumstance of knowing that a certain character is going to die...but this person may manage to squirm their way out of doom's way....)

:: Facebook. How else would I know when former high school classmates have bagged an 8-pointer or when someone I barely know is thinking of buying new boots? (Kerry lists things she's thankful for. Somebody's gotta be thankful for Robert Pattinson, I suppose.)

:: I'm constantly worried about reading a particularly good bit and having it worm its way into my subconscious, only to sneakily reappear later, masquerading as my own original thought. (I worry about this stuff as well...I often wonder where the line is between outright copying and employing a particularly fine bit of technique, much as I like to do when I observe a particular carpentry or maintenance technique and file it away in my memory bank for use in a project at work. Am I plagiarizing Norm Abram when I measure twice and cut once (but not measure at all if I can help it)?)

All for this week. Tune in next week. Or don't. Your call, but I warn you not to underestimate my powers...ummm...yeah.

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