Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jets 28, Bills 24

I have no idea what happened in this game, except for a couple of small details, because we chose as a family to go see The Muppets instead of watch the atrocities on the football field. Apparently the game was exciting, with the Bills holding a 24-21 lead late in the fourth, but their defense was unable to produce one last stop. Or something like that.

Also, apparently Stevie Johnson did something dumb and/or dropped a big pass, and Aaron Maybin had two sacks (big accomplishment there, racking up two sacks against the banged-up offensive line when he's playing on a team that has the best secondary in football and only asks him to rush the passer on third downs -- basically, Maybin still sucks as a player). Oh, and in his first start, according to the stats, CJ Spiller didn't really accomplish anything impressive. Also according to the stats, Ryan Fitzpatrick managed to slop his plunge from 'good QB' in 'GAHHH get him out of there!!!'.

But still, a loss. Meh. I got to see The Muppets! (Which I will write about later in the week.) Next up for the Bills: home against the Tennessee Titans. I don't even know it it's sold out yet. Doesn't matter; I've got quite a backlog of movies ready to go for the reinstitution of "Instead of the Buffalo Bills Theater"!

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