Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday Centus (Sunday edition)

A day late again...sorry, folks. This time we take the same photo as last week, but we have to write from the POV of one of the orange-meloned soccer kids. OK then:

Agent Triple-Zed glanced out the window of the minivan. "Surveillance in building across the field," she said into the microphone on her shoe.

"Understood," said her shoe. "Employ disguise 4-delta."

"Roger that." Triple-Zed slipped the red wig over her hair. "Do we abort the mission?"

"Negative," said her shoe. "Operation Chuck E. Cheese still in effect."

"Understood. Provide back-up at final location."

Triple-Zed jumped out of the minivan and ran onto the field screaming, "Yay, TEAM! Go Carrotheads!", trying not to think about the success probability of a mission that hinged on a half-dozen red-headed soccer youth.


Nonna said...

Hahahahahaha !

Now that was an entertaining, imaginative and brilliant little story...'Negative said her shoe' and 'Operation Chuck E. Cheese' Love it !!!

anitamombanita said...

"mission accomplished" squawked the once silent computer sitting on your desk! LOL. Nicely done.

Susan Anderson said...

Gotta love this one!


Judie said...

I want one of those shoes!!!

Jenny said...

Wasn't that shoe a star on an episode of Get Smart?


You're probably too young to remember it!


How about James Bond then?

Neat twist as always!