Sunday, November 06, 2011

Jets 27, Bills 11

Well, that sure sucked. I don't have a whole lot to say about it, but here are some points:

:: If the Jets weren't so sloppy and undisciplined, they would have won this game 41-11 instead of 27-11. They made a lot of dumb mistakes that kept the Bills in it until the D just couldn't hold the Jets down anymore.

:: The offensive gameplan didn't look like it was very creative, innovative, or much of anything. Look, I know that Darelle Revis is the NFL's best cornerback, but you can't act like he's some sort of superhuman with godlike powers of coverage. If you can't figure out how to beat the other team's best player, then you don't belong on the same field.

:: The Bills' offensive line basically got pushed around all day. They didn't open up many holes for the run, they didn't block well for any screens, and they sure didn't pass block very well. At least that piece of crap Maybin didn't get a least I don't think he did, hold on while I check the boxscore...doo de doo de doo...nope, no sacks. In fact, the Jets didn't record a single sack today, but the game sure felt like a big-old sackfest.

:: The Bills' corners aren't that good. I hope they go to the free agent market for some secondary help in the offseason.

:: All in all, hey, it looked like a game in which a young team that is on the upswing but still has some holes and lacks overall experience got beat. It happens. And it doesn't really mean anything huge as far as the season, outside of division record and tie-breaker stuff. They're still halfway to 10-6, which would be a better record than they've finished with in twelve years.

Next week, the Bills launch a stretch of three consecutive away games with a trip to visit the Cowboys. Yee-ha!

(Oh, and Miami won, thank God, giving them a setback in the Draw of the Luck. Keep losing, Colts!)

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Roger Owen Green said...

Patriots lose to the Giants! Again! In the last minute! YAY!