Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cowboys 44, Bills 7

Well...yeah, that score says it all, I guess. There was really nothing good about that game, right from the opening drive when the Cowboys drove for a TD in five or six plays. The Bills' defense turned in one of the single worst defensive performances I've ever seen today, and they've fielded some bad defenses the last ten years. How bad was it? Well, it was about eight minutes into the second quarter before Tony Romo threw his first incomplete pass.

A lot of the Twitterverse was exploding about how "the real Bills are back", but I dunno...I was never on the "Wow, the Bills are really good now!" bandwagon (heck, I'm not sure there was that much of a bandwagon to begin with), so I don't plan to get on the "Wow, the Bills are still a cesspool of suck!" bandwagon either. They're a better team than they were last year, but that doesn't translate to much yet...except the obvious fact that they need to seriously upgrade the defense in the coming offseason.

Next up, they're at the Dolphins, who are bad but not that bad, maybe, so...well, who knows.

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