Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Burst of Weird and AWESOME!

Oddities and Awesome abound!

:: I'm usually willing to suspend disbelief with various movies and teevee shows, but one area where they really test my ability to do so is when our heroes are investigating an image or snippet of video that doesn't show them what they need to they use the Magical Power of Computers to enhance the image!

The worst examples of this I've ever seen come from CSI: Miami. In one case, they found a photo of the victims taken moments before their deaths, and discerned that the killer must have been taking the photo. So they blew up one victim's eyeball and enhanced the reflection of the killer. And in another episode, they discerned again that the killer was the one behind the camera, and they further realized that the blotched-out area in the upper corner was the killer's finger partially covering the lens, so they were able to enhance and sharpen the image to get the killer's fingerprint. And Horatio Caine did all this whilst putting on his sunglasses.


:: I alluded to this in the post immediately preceding this one, but I've just gotta share it: Willie Nelson singing "Frosty the Snowman".

Hooray, Willie!

:: Squarely in the "awesome" category is this post by Sheila O'Malley, in which, referring to the "old" New York City -- before it got all cleaned up and saw porn theaters replaced by Disney stores -- she says, "I have to say, I miss the smut." I've only been to NYC a couple of times in my life, and when I do go, it'll be as a tourist rather than as a dweller, so I'll probably appreciate the cleaner stuff more. But...well, I can't find the things she displays in her photos totally repellent, either.

More next week!

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