Monday, December 20, 2010

Sentential Links #232

Those who seek linkage, shall find it. Ommmmm....

:: My co-workers are scavenging through it like lions over a baby wildebeest.

:: So I say, let's get back to the good old days, the old time religion of the Aztecs. Sure, it had some gruesome bits, but it still beats having to go through Christmas every year.

:: By the time February rolls around we are all sick of of cold, snow and dark-- why not celebrate Christmas then, when everyone's spirits use some brightening up?

:: Though I generally don't believe in other people's mysterious ailments, I do believe in my own, which happily now has a name, seasonal affective disorder, but which has filled me with horror, despair and a feeling of infinite bleakness since I was a kid and they hadn't invented it yet.

:: “Yes, just about everyone in the world knows the story of the birth of Christ … except for children, who couldn’t care less about our Lord and Savior and instead worship a bastardized, commercialized version of an ancient Germanic deity, the greedy little pagans.”

:: James Bond isn’t just a franchise, it’s an institution.


Outpost31: Please do tell.

Me: WANTS. NEEDS. I have them.

Outpost31: This is starting to sound sexy. What do you need?


:: Did the oughts have their own distinct culture? Or was the whole decade just a mash-up of the culture of other decades, with a little bit of September 11th and some iPhones thrown in?

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