Monday, December 06, 2010

Sentential Links #230

Sorry this is late, folks, but EarthLink is not allowing me to do many of the things I like to do online. Fewer links than usual, but onward with the linkage!

:: In one of those memes I do sometimes, there was a question about the movie that I found most scary. The problem was that I saw it when I was nine, give or take a year, couldn’t remember the title, and I didn’t even know how well I remembered the details. (Wow, that does sound like a scary movie!)

:: Watch Family Guy for a week. I think we can take it for granted that you're going to see an incredible amount of misogyny, but what does Seth McFarlane have against Asians? (I keep trying to figure out of McFarlane is that bigoted, or if he is trying for shock value with a lot of the jokes on that show.)

:: I have a weird fascination with X-ray photos that show the path of some object into a person's head. (Well, I didn't until I read this...and now I do!)

:: I lost interest in football years ago when I realized that the quarterbacks weren’t calling the plays. These days, neither are the coaches, at least not on the spot. The reason video games like Madden can be so realistic is that real football games are as programmed as software. Games are simultaneous runnings of competing algorithms and the coaches who write the code days ahead of time are on hand in case bugs develop.

:: The first day I was there we stopped at a tractor supply store and I bought a pair of bib overalls for myself and a John Deer bandana for Yoda. (A new convert, huzzah! She was visiting Beth of The World Needs More Pie, one of my favorite new blogs and people behind the words.)

Well, that's about all I could manage to find when I was able to access the Internet for two minutes here, three minutes there. Still, good stuff! More next week. I hope.

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Roger Owen Green said...

Re McFarlane - I don't even CARE what his motivation is. I just can't watch that show.