Thursday, December 09, 2010

An antidote to annoyance

As you all might expect, I am seriously irritated by my lack of Internet connection at home and the Keystone Kops manner in which EarthLink is going about fixing it. The latest? Out of curiosity I decided today just to see if maybe my phone was causing some kind of problem, so I experimented with plugging it in, unplugging it, et cetera, just to see if my DSL would come on. And what did I find out?

Since their "tech" came out, my landline has apparently been dead too! What the hell did they do, shut off my entire phone line instead of fixing it?


So I'm annoyed and need something to amuse me. Which brings me to...some pie-throwing action.

Antigone Magazine is trying to raise money by selling calendars; in an effort to drum up business, the editor, a young woman named Amanda Reaume, has decided to take a pie in her face for every ten calendars they sell. They must be up to thirty, because so far, she's received three:

Self-inflicted, too -- that takes some moxie.

And then there are Ten Unexpected Pies in the Face:

And...ten more (with a Star Wars one)!

OK, that's helping my mood. A bit, anyway. Harumph.

Stupid EarthLink.

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