Thursday, September 24, 2009

And now the awarding of Experience Points!

optimised family, originally uploaded by Birmingham News Room.

This kind of thing thrills me deeply: a guy in England has discovered the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold ever found. There's so much of interest in a story like this, even beyond the amazing nature of the find itself (and one of my life goals is to go to the UK someday and go to lots of museums to see all these old Anglo-Saxon relics). The guy who found the gold is referred to as a "metal detectorist". There is an actual, official definition of "treasure" in the UK, and whether a found pile of gold is a treasure or not is determined by the coroner. That must be nice -- "Hey, we have a call for you, but guess what! It's not a body!"

Link via MeFi, with a discussion thread with more information (as well as the typical MeFi wordplay, such as "This thread is useless without picts"). Here is a photoset of the Staffordshire Hoard.


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Well I think they should put him in jail for about 35 years and than Fry him crispy style.