Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rand-McNally 2, Sportswriters 0

What is it with sports commentators and their inability to talk about geography? In today's example, we have FOX Sports's Adam Schein talking about the Arizona Cardinals. One narrative for years regarding the Cardinals -- besides the fact that they have historically sucked, until last year -- is that they almost always lose when playing East Coast teams. This past week...well, here's Schein:

I couldn't believe how many talking heads declared the NFC champion Cardinals dead after a home loss to a good 49ers team. This was the single-most foolish notion flooding the airwaves. The Cards eradicated the stereotype they can't play in the Northeast by dominating the Jaguars on offense, defense and special teams.

Yup, the Cardinals beat the Jaguars pretty handily. But wait! Schein is indicating that the Jaguars, who play in Jacksonville, Florida, are a Northeast team! Maybe Miss South Carolina was on to something when she said that most US Americans don't have maps.


Roger Owen Green said...

Sure it is. Jacksonville is in the northeast, the northeast of Florida. That's what he meant - I'm sure.

Mimi said...