Monday, September 21, 2009

Sentential Links #185

Linkage time! (And no politics this week, except for one of these posts, and that's not totally about politics anyway. I needed a break from that. But who knows, I may be politically irritated again next week.)

:: “I think Kirk and Spock slowed down the Enterprise so they could see the pretty stars go by.” (Nice way of putting it, although I wouldn't say, as the poster does, "That's the power of Jerry." Any good film composer can do this.)

:: I've never been a big fan of roller coasters. You get jumbled around, you experience g-forces, and for all that you end up where you started. ( I have an idea. How about a roller coaster that doesn't end where it started? Most big theme parks have a train of some sort that will take riders from one end of the park and bring them round to the other -- why not a roller coaster that does this? I wonder how coaster design would benefit from the simple jettisoning of the rule that they have to start and stop at the same place.)

:: Twelve is about as grown-up as you should have been without Red Dawn causing you to break out in fits of giggles as often as in rounds of cheers and applause. (I was thirteen when Red Dawn came out, and I saw it on video a year or so later. Loved me some action flicks back then, and I thought it was a crap movie. The notion that Red Dawn is what Patrick Swayze should be remembered mostly for strikes me as very, very odd.)

:: FlyLady annoys the heck out of me.

:: "You need a flacking clue is what you need." (Maybe this software is what the TBS network uses to come up with the "words" they use to overdub obscenities in movies they air. My long-time favorite is from the TBS-edited version of The Breakfast Club, in which one character shouts to another, "Well, flip you!")

:: Upon closer inspection I had to agree. Since then, he has been lovingly called our "Patrick Swayze lamp".

:: One of the qualifications for 'classic movie' has to be when those first few notes of the score are played - you know exactly what movie you are watching. And you are immediately taken into the whole mood. You can argue many points of movie making, but nothing is as important to the the tone and style of a movie as its scoring. (I have a post in the works on this myself. Cool!)

:: Enjoy the work of Larry Gelbart. You will laugh until you hurt. And for those of us who were blessed to have known him, we will hurt until we laugh.